Quick Intro

Born in Tokyo, raised in the United States. Graduated an International School in Tokyo in 2001, and graduated Sophia University in 2005. Spent 3 years teaching English to children and 6 years in the financial industry.

Studied nail technology at Ci:z International College and graduated in 2013.

Achieved First Grade Nail Artist and Gel Advanced Nail Artist certifications by JNA (Japan Nailist Association).


To understand each individuals nail condition is significant in providing the best services. I believe that nail care can support everyones lifestyle in different ways, and make special occasions even more special. I consider the best options and take time in preparing and embellishing hands and feet with high quality products and techniques. Having every single client leave with a smile is my ultimate goal. (If you are looking for a quick service, I am not the one) 


To Spread the Love of Nail Art!!

Nailicious Nao commits to serving each client's request to the fullest, hoping each individual has a great experience with a great set of nails.

Having a great set of nails doesn't necessarily have to come from a salon. You can do it at home!

To spread the love of nail art, Nailicious Nao offers lessons and workshops for those who love nail art and want to improve their home maintenance skills!

For Dog Lovers

I am also a mother of two sweet and energetic dachshunds!

If allowed, they will give you a warm welcome and entertain you during your stay (snuggle on your lap). Please let me know if you are not a dog person or allergic.

(they can be in a separate room)